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Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave. - Peter Brougham

MPM Global Solutions (“MPM”) has developed their considerable law enforcement, tactical and legal expertise into one of the most unique and comprehensive Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) and Security Service training programs available anywhere. Calling upon their vast experience with federal and state law enforcement, as well as their prior operational status with certain specialized U.S. military units, MPM instructors will develop elite training programs that will adroitly serve most, if not all, of our client’s law enforcement, counter-terrorism and/or security needs anywhere in the world. Whether they be in a classroom, a conventional urban setting, or a more rural training environment, MPM instructors are uniquely qualified to bring real-life operational experiences into any training scenario.  

MPM has utilized their considerable resources to successfully combine the expertise of federal and state tactical law enforcement techniques with the disciplines and time-tested training methods of elite U.S. military Special Operations (SOF) units to create a synergistic foreign training program that is second to none in its effectiveness and professionalism. MPM offers a select group of law-enforcement professionals, made up of former FBI/DEA Special Agents, former U.S. Special Forces operators, as well as some of the most tactically proficient and knowledgeable law enforcement instructors who excel in specialized disciplines and skill sets relating to elite tactical law enforcement training, counter-terrorism, narco-terrorism and force protection. Their many years of "on-the-job" experiences, in both domestic as well as foreign venues, enhance their abilities to teach and train in these tactical skills at the highest level. Simply stated, all of our instructors have implemented these skills in a real-world tactical/law enforcement environment making them unequivocal experts in their particular field.

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Lastly, MPM is believed to be the only U.S. based firm that offers both elite law enforcement, counter-terrorism and security training while, at the same time, offering former FBI/DEA criminal investigators, licensed attorneys, a former state Supreme Court Justice and former U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Regional Directors and BOP Wardens to compliment a comprehensive program that strives to bring other countries and fledgling democracies into the 21st century - offering advanced investigative and prosecutorial techniques as well as much needed prison/penal reform. These legal and prison reform experts will work closely with the host nation legal teams to develop new and acceptable prosecution tactics, proven investigative techniques, evidence handling/storage and suspect/prisoner treatment that adhere to acceptable standards of Due Process, Core-Values and Human Rights.

We are registered with and recognized by both the SAM and ORCA for U.S. government contracting opportunities.

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