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MPM Global Solutions (MPM) is a global government services provider in support of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives, delivering support solutions for defense, security, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, law and civil rights issues, and prison reform/management.

MPM’s primary focus is as subject experts and instructors of tactics, techniques and procedures of the various disciplines mentioned above. Traditionally, we are a training and instructor based company providing the client with professionally executed services both domestically and abroad to meet the complex demands of today's world. We integrate our many competencies to provide solutions that fit each customer and situation while offering a culture of compliance, accountability, and strict adherence to the safety and security of the client during all classroom and field training exercises. 

MPM is staffed with former successful law enforcement personnel from the U.S. Government (USG), state law enforcement agencies and elite military services that have all been vetted as to their credentials, expertise and professional qualifications. All MPM training materials and services meet the strict standards set forth in USG and host country regulations. Training venues requiring the use of live fire exercises, such as weapons marksmanship and qualification, are conducted in accordance with all USG standards and safety protocols. 

Approved course material is provided by MPM personnel prior to commencement of training courses.  MPM trainers always follow a strict schedule and approved curriculum.  MPM provides overseas and domestic instructor-led training; specialized and advanced technical assistance, as specified; and training-related support services for those specific courses as agreed to by the client. Program activities are conducted at any location overseas or domestic location including remote training sites in medium to high threat and austere environments. MPM supports client programs during periods of instability, reconstruction, and overseas operations.

MPM provides program management and full service support for standard course delivery for those courses designated by approved agencies; customized special programs; and, as specified in individual training orders. MPM will ensure all activities are controlled, scheduled, monitored, reported, and managed consistent with and supportive of the requirements set forth in the Statement of Work (SOW).

The MPM management team coordinates with the client on the conduct of the contract, plans, schedules, operations and risks inherent with extensive worldwide training in austere, politically sensitive and/or high threat environments while identifying any potential risks associated with contract performance that will include a robust risk mitigation plan as part of its proposal.  At overseas training locations, On-Site Representatives (OSR) or Resident Project Managers (RPM), or other designated staff, will coordinate local support of the training activity. OSR and RPM staff also serve as the client liaison to the U.S. Embassy and Host Nation officials, provide quality assurance monitoring and local logistics, and administrative or security coordination. MPM personnel also recognize the possibility that they may, on occasion, operate under the Operational Control (OPCON) of the U.S. Country Team and/or the Regional Security Officer (RSO).


We are registered with and recognized by both the SAM and ORCA for U.S. government contracting opportunities.

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