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Procurement & Supply Services

MPM Global Solutions (MPM) maintains world-wide sources for requisite equipment and supplies that support their training and operational activities while they are deployed domestically as well as overseas. These same logistical resources can also be made available to MPM clients.

Utilizing GSA Schedules and other well-recognized and approved suppliers, MPM can obtain critical equipment at a fraction of the retail cost. Moreover, in that MPM trainers and operators use this same equipment themselves, MPM clients can be confident that their purchases will be of the very best quality while being at the most reasonable cost

Representative Sample of MPM Available Equipment & Supplies

Clothing • Tactical/Security Equipment* • Law Enforcement Supplies • Computers & Networking Supplies • MREs & Related Foodstuffs • First-Responder Clothing • Fire Fighting Clothing/Supplies • Legal Supplies • Office/Teaching Supplies • Water Purifier Equipment-Pills • Basic Construction Equipment/Supplies • Basic Maintenance Tool Kits • Most Electronic Equipment* Generators • Law Enforcement Audio/Visual Aids. Most, if not all, types of Humanitarian Aid/Equipment and much more.

[*MPM strictly adheres to restrictions set forth in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations  (ITAR)]

Professional Loading and Transportation of Large and/or Sensitive Equipment
Routine SeaFreight or AirFreight Delivery

Rural Delivery of Supplies & Equipment

MPM works closely with host country government officials and civilian leaders, in foreign post-conflict areas, to provide the spectrum of logistical support services to achieve the client’s desired infrastructure objectives.  MPM will conduct all supply chain management procedures involved in the coordination, transportation and delivery of desired product and service packages from point-of-origin to the client.

MPM’s vast logistical capability supports its operations domestically and abroad. We are a recognized worldwide leader in law enforcement, tactical security training and related consulting services. MPM provides major foreign corporate and government clients a broad range of law enforcement, legal, and security support and training services including risk assessment, force protection, manned guarding, counter-terrorism, threat management, investigations, legal/prison reform and do so while strictly adhering to domestic as well as host nation Government compliance rules and regulations. 
We are registered with and recognized by both the SAM and ORCA for U.S. government contracting opportunities.

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